Day 7 – The Day of Rest!

I can’t believe it is already Day 7!  Today, I am SO very tired (physically and mentally).  I ended up taking a 2-hour nap and still feel exhausted.  Will definitely be going to bed early tonight.  I am wiped out.  Was glad to read in the newsletter that this is normal as the body is adjusting. 

Breakfast – Sweet potato, apple, and egg hash topped with coconut flakes and cinnamon


I peeled and diced a sweet potato and cooked it in the skillet with some Ghee.  I added diced apple and cooked until both the apples and sweet potatoes were soft.  I removed the apple and potatoes and placed them in a bowl.  I then fried two eggs up with Ghee and added them to the potatoes and apples.  Lastly, I sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut flakes. 

Lunch – Zucchini Lasagna Leftovers.  I noticed, while eating lunch, that my TMJ is a little sore, maybe from the coconut flakes (I noticed they take me some time to chew).  Might shred the coconut flakes to make them easier to chew.  Interesting side-effect I am noticing in my body, which probably contributed to the severe headache I had today.

Dinner – Mocha Steak Leftovers and Cabbage Slaw

I meant to mention that my husband tried a mocha steak yesterday and really liked it.  🙂  Yay!  Always makes me feel good when I can find a healthy recipe we both can enjoy.  Again, so grateful to have lots of leftovers to tide me over right now.  This challenge is not for the feint of heart.  The profound effect it is having on my body is very enlightening to me.  Wow!


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