Day 9 – Falling Back

Happy Sunday!  Did you remember to turn your clocks back?  Gotta love that extra hour of sleep!

It’s so nice to have food on hand and ready to go for a few days!  Thanks Kim! 

Today I started my cycle, having some intense cramps and PMS, but hoping that is the detoxing talking and the next time won’t be like this.

Breakfast – Egg Muffins with some Sweet Potato Hash.  We used a recipe similar to this one:  You can pretty much add any veggies you would like.  It’s a quick and yummy idea for breakfast, since you can make several at once and eat them throughout the week.


I remembered to take a photo after muffin #1 was devoured.  🙂

Lunch – Paleo Chicken Salad on Spinach.  This is fabulous, even my husband loved it!  The recipe is from “Paleo Comfort Foods” by Julie and Charles Mayfield and I highly recommend it!


Dinner – Leftover Zucchini Lasagna.  Only one serving left.  🙂

I think the time change, or the detox is getting to me.  I personally am not a fan of it becoming pitch dark outside before 7pm…makes me sleepy.  Definitely going to bed early tonight.  Sleep is important!


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