Day 11 – Going Strong

I have read that you are most likely to quit your Whole30 program on Day 10 or 11 because the newness has worn off.  You’ve made it through most of the yucky detox symptoms, yet haven’t experienced the “magic” yet.  You’re still struggling to establish a routine – it is true that I have cooked eggs and veggie hash many different ways.  🙂  You suddenly become aware of the foods you are choosing not to eat.  The crankiness and impatience tempt you to eat foods that are not Whole30 compliant.  This is when you experience the psychological hold that food habits have on you.  The newsletter recommends redefining your idea of reward.  How are you really feeling?  Anxious, worried, or afraid of failure?  Food will not fill that void.  Mark, my wonderful husband, and I thought this quote was so funny and true, “Do not reward yourself with food; you are not a dog!”  I decided to reward myself for making it past the first week by purchasing a few songs from iTunes this past weekend.  I also want to buy a fun t-shirt at the end of this challenge.  Maybe a Whole9 shirt or something fun that says “Eat Your Veggies.”  It’s my prize at the end of the challenge.  Right now, the only cravings I have been experiencing are for dark chocolate or Kind Bars (i.e. sugar).  I read somewhere that your body craves what is bad for it, and I know with my previous yeast issues that sugar is not my friend.  I honestly try to distract myself when the cravings kick in, or drink some Whole30 approved herbal tea with a spoonful of coconut milk.  I have also noticed if I eat enough healthy fats, that helps to keep my cravings in check.  It’s a journey, and you must be a detective and figure out what works best for your body; after all, no one knows your body better than you!

Breakfast – 2 Egg Muffins (finished them off) and Sweet Potato Hash with Fresh Pear Slices.  Yum!  I must say, when I was eating all the processed sugar stuff, I took the taste of fresh fruit for granted.  Now I actually savor it and appreciate it so much more…progress!

Lunch – Leftover Chicken Salad.  I finished if off and am a little sad about it.  That stuff is delicious!  I will definitely have to make that again!  It’s funny, but eating that made me feel like a regular person, because I didn’t feel deprived at all.  It was like I was sitting at the Deli enjoying some chicken salad.  One of the things I have noticed is that sometimes I do feel a little isolated eating this way.  Let’s face it: no one else in my family is doing this with me.  That is when I have to remember I am on a different health journey than they are.  I haven’t even gone to a restaurant yet.  We have a meal planned with some friends on Saturday night, and that will be my test on ordering correctly while out to eat.  🙂

Dinner – Chicken Jalapeno Sweet Potato Soup (I think that was the name of it).  My friend, Kim, and I made this on Saturday.  I can’t remember which cookbook it came from, but it is very good.  Perfect for the cold, windy, and rainy day we are having here in Texas.  I do love soup in the winter time (even in the summer time too).


By the time I got home, I was really hungry, so I ate half the bowl of soup before I remembered to take a photo.  🙂

I also ate some of these…


It was my first time trying them and they are delicious and whole30 compliant.  I have been trying to eat more seaweed for my thyroid, and these are a tasty treat!  Sorry that the photo is sideways.  It shows up normal in iPhoto and does this on the blog.  Strange.

I am also making some bone broth tonight.  I am using the recipe from “Practical Paleo.”  It is very easy to make and so great for healing your gut.  I highly recommend it!



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