Day 12 – Let’s talk about stress…

Day 12 is here!  My newsletter this morning from Whole30 had some articles about stress addicts, which really hit home for me.  Check them out here:

I hate to admit it, but am guilty of this.  I’m a perfectionist.  I multitask.  I put so much on my to-do list that it is impossible to get everything done in one day.  It makes me wonder, why am I doing this to myself…and how do I stop?!  I think a lot of this is how our culture works.  It is almost a status symbol to tell people how “busy” you are.  What if everything didn’t have to be done right away, or today?  What if things did not have to be perfect; heck, nobody’s perfect.  I need to learn to take things a little at a time and not worry about the whole picture and get overwhelmed before I even begin.  It is a work-in-progress, but these articles really hit home for me and have inspired me to take a closer look at what I am doing and make time for important things in my life like meditation, rest, quiet, and reading.  It can’t hurt right?

Wow, this is so much more than a diet.  It is a deep look into your overall health – food, sleep, stress management, exercise, etc. 

Breakfast – I made my famous Sweet Potato, Apple, and Egg Scramble.  I have to admit, I have yet to get sick of this dish.  It is quick and easy and everything complements one another well.  I shredded the sweet potato and apple last night so that everything was ready to go this morning for me.  Put some Ghee in the skillet and cooked the sweet potato and apple up and placed that in a bowl.  Then I cooked 2 local and free-range eggs up and placed that on top of my potatoes and apples.  Added some cinnamon and shredded coconut flakes and voila!  Breakfast is served!  Before my Whole30, my breakfast was almost always a green smoothie with protein powder.  It is kind of nice to have a hot breakfast every morning, especially now that the weather is cooling down.  🙂



Lunch – Leftover Sweet Potato Chicken Jalapeno Soup!

Dinner – Sirloin Dijon

This is a new recipe for me that I haven’t tried yet from “Everyday Paleo” by Sarah Fragoso.  I had lots of kale to eat and thought this would be a great way to get my leafy greens in while eating some meat!  🙂  You can find the recipe here:

I didn’t have chicken stock, so I substituted that for homemade beef bone broth.  It turned out yummy!




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