Day 16 – Tiger blood is coming!

Day 16 is here.  We are on the downward slope now!  I stayed up a little later than I should have last night, and can feel it.  Just feeling a little brain foggy and headache-y this morning.  The newsletter for today states that tiger blood starts today (aka feeling great and having more energy).  I haven’t experienced that just yet, but hopefully I will soon.

Breakfast – Tried the Swirly Crustless Quiche that I made yesterday.  I heated up a slice of it in the toaster oven and topped it off with shredded coconut.  I really like the lemony taste to this dish and that it is something different from my usual breakfast dishes. 


This afternoon, I was cooking like crazy!  I made spaghetti squash for a meal coming up later in the week.  I made this butternut squash recipe minus the maple syrup –  I also substituted coconut oil instead of olive oil.



Lunch – Baked Lemon Pepper Tilapia.  I covered the tilapia with coconut oil and then sprinkled lemon pepper seasoning on top and baked for 9 minutes at 425 deg F.  I placed it on a bed of spinach.  Topped with the paleo mayonnaise and fresh lemon juice.  Yum!


It worked out well to cook most of today, since it was cool and gray outside.  The oven kept the house warm and it worked well to have a plan and cook many things at once.  I would cook one item and start prepping the next, so by the time one was done, I could put the next dish in the already warm oven. 

Dinner – Shrimp Loves Coconut from “Everyday Paleo.”

This recipe is labor intensive, but very good.  I would suggest making it when you have some time or have a buddy help you. 


Sorry, I cannot get my computer to rotate this photo.

Well, I’ve got a bad headache and think I’ll listen to my body and call it a night.  Hopefully tiger blood will come in the morning.  🙂


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