Day 18 – The Day of Leftovers

Day 18 is going well.  I am still reaping the benefits of sleeping better and thinking clearer.  I really do feel like a could of brain fog has been lifted.  Sill waiting for the tiger blood to come, but I have noticed that my energy level is slowly improving.  I didn’t have quite as much of the 2-3pm slump that I usually notice.  I do have many other health issues (hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and candida, to name a few) and realize that it may take a little longer for me to be pouncing around like a tiger…but I’m better than I used to be.  🙂

Breakfast –  Leftover Quiche

Lunch – Leftover Spaghetti Squash with Coconut Meat Sauce

Dinner – Leftover Coconut Shrimp, Lemon Brussel Sprouts, and Butternut Squash

Again, I am grateful for the leftover days and a little break in cooking.  It’s nice to know that all your meals are ready for you.  Tomorrow I am trying a new crock pot recipe!  Off to read a little “Lights Out” and then it’s lights out for me. 



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