Day 19 – Slowly getting more energy!

I was able to go to the gym today (too windy to walk outside) for some light exercise.  That impressed me!  I am hoping these little spurts of energy will continue and last for longer periods of time!

Breakfast – Leftover Quiche.  I put it in the skillet with coconut oil, scrambled it up, and then added organic spinach on top.  I have noticed over the past few days that this breakfast doesn’t hold me over as long as others do, so I decided to add more fat to it and see what happens…and it worked!

Lunch – Spaghetti Squash with Coconut and Meat Sauce Leftovers.  I finished it off today.  It really is a yummy meal, and I will definitely make it again in the future. 

Dinner – Chicken & Kale Slow-cooker Stew.  I found this recipe on Pintrest.  Here’s the link:  I just put everything in the crock-pot this morning, turned it on low (I learned my lesson on burning things at a high setting) and let the crock-pot do the work!  I put homemade bone broth in, instead of water, just to get some gut healing nutrients in there.  🙂

I love crock pot meals!  It saves so much time and makes the house smell yummy! 



I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out with no added spices and only 5 ingredients, but it was good.  Simple and yummy. 


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