Day 22 – More Temptation

My sister was still in a lot of pain today, so I stayed with her this afternoon while my brother-in-law was at work.  I fixed her Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal and milk for breakfast, which meant going into the pantry (of death) and seeing so many processed foods – everything from cinnamon rolls, candy, pop tarts, chocolate, etc.  Sensory overload!  I grab her cereal and closed the door quickly before getting sucked in.  Confession – I used to snack on Frosted Mini-Wheats all the time in college.  For lunch, she wanted leftover pizza.  So hard to put that on a plate for her, and see it, and smell it.  I washed my hands quickly after handling it to get all the gluten off.  Another challenge, she has a scale in her guest bathroom that was tempting me to step on it and see where I am after 3 weeks on the Whole30.  I resisted, but it sure was hard.  Man, this is easier when I am safe in my home, without any tempting “Franken-foods.”  🙂  But, I am on day 22!  I am almost to the finish line and can’t let a Frosted Mini-Wheat or piece of pizza ruin this for me.  I have actually started talking back to commercials and yelling at the TV that the foods they are showing are not fresh, not natural, and not real.  My poor husband…a commercial for Cheerios comes on, and I am yelling, “Cereal is not real food, people!”  Hey, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do.  🙂

Breakfast – diced sweet potato cooked in a skilled with ghee with 2 scrambled eggs, diced pear, and cinnamon.


Lunch – finished off the chicken and kale stew.

Dinner – leftover chocolate chili with spinach and avocado.

Snack – handful of raw pecans.

Went shopping with my husband tonight.  He’s lost over 50 pounds in 2013 and needed some new belts and pants!  I am SO proud of him!  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that while trying on clothes, they seemed to fit me better.  There was even a t-shirt that I liked, but at first glance, thought it looked too slim for me…but it fit!  So exciting!  My husband says that I look slimmer since starting the Whole30.  I have noticed that the swelling in my abdomen seems better, which is exciting!  I should point out that I am not doing this for weight loss, but for overall health and healing my body after major surgery and cancer.


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