Day 30 – I made it! :-)

Day 30 is finally here!  Victory!  I feel really proud of myself.  It’s like I had to prove to myself that I could do this.  I feel good!  I know I can do challenging things, and I believe in myself. 

Here’s the menu for day 30!

Breakfast – Sweet potato hash with green apple, ghee, and eggs.  I love this stuff and look forward to it each morning!

Lunch – Finished off the pumpkin soup, which was a perfect meal for this cold snowy day.

Dinner – Pumpkin Spice Chicken Cacciatore.  This turned out really good!  I ended up putting everything in the crock-pot this morning and let that do all the work.  I had this over spaghetti squash.  Even my husband gave it 9 out of 10 stars.  Definitely give it a try.  Here is the recipe:


I have learned on this journey that I can live without sugar, even dark chocolate.  🙂  The brain fog has improved dramatically!  That has been the biggest benefit that I have noticed so far.  I can think clearer…finally!  I floss more, because real food tends to stick in your teeth.  🙂  I have learned to cook and am getting better at it.  I still have medical issues that I am working through, but feel that my body has really taken well to the paleo lifestyle.  The Whole30 newsletter states that, for some people, it takes longer than others to get that tiger blood.  I will stick with the paleo lifestyle for a while, since I am seeing improvement.  I probably won’t stick to the hardcore Whole30 plan all the time, but I feel this is a great detox and can see myself doing this a couple of times a year, like an oil change for my body.  🙂 

Tomorrow, I may have some bacon, but I feel like for me, sugar is something that I should continue to stay away from.  I don’t want to get sucked back to sugar island by the sugar dragon again.  I have already found a paleo apple spice cake that is only sweetened with green apples to make for myself for Thanksgiving.  I would like something that I can have while others are eating the pies and cakes that come with the holidays.  I have many different health issues that I am working on, some that I’ve had for almost 15 years.  I understand that it will take time to overcome these issues, but feel like a healthy diet is key for me to beat this.  I am encouraged that I have some doctors appointments coming up this week, which will hopefully provide me with more answers on my journey.  I probably will not post every day, but will continue to give updates and share the great recipes that I find.  Thank you so much for following my journey!  Oh, and I believe I need to purchase a fabulous t-shirt to commemorate this achievement.  🙂


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