Day 27 – Travel Day

Well, today is the day that we are going to travel for the first time on the Whole30.  I packed my meals for the road and packed some snacks as well so that I will not have to rely on fast food or snacks from a gas station on this road trip.

Breakfast – Sweet Potato and diced apple with ghee and Leftover Meatloaf.  I ran out of eggs and did not have time to run to the store, so leftover meatloaf was my morning protein.  Improvising!  🙂

Lunch – Spaghetti Squash with Meatloaf and Walnut Pesto Sauce.  This turned out really good!  I loved the Walnut Pesto sauce.  It adds so much flavor to the spaghetti squash!  Yum!

Dinner (on the road) – Leftover Pumpkin Soup.  I heated the soup and placed it in a Thermos before leaving, so it was warm for me when I was ready to eat it.  It was interesting to eat it in the dark, but that’s all part of the fun.  Plus, we managed to fit all the food into a small hotel mini-fridge.  Winning!  🙂