Day 29 – One More Day! :-)

I’ll keep this post short and sweet.  It is past my bedtime, and all the traveling has worn me out.  It feels like winter!  We got snow today here in Amarillo, and it is currently 27 degrees outside…brrr!

Breakfast – I heated up the leftover eggs and sweet potato hash (that I did get to eat on the trip since we came home early) in the cast iron skillet.  This dish tastes way better when it is completed heated.  🙂

Lunch – Leftover paleo meatloaf and spaghetti squash with pesto sauce.

Dinner – Leftover pumpkin soup.  Again, this tastes way better when warm.  🙂

Today, before the weather got bad, I planned out my meals for the upcoming week, and we made a store run.  I’m definitely glad I did, as we are getting more snow tomorrow, and I hear the roads are starting to get bad already.  I now feel like I can confidently shop for a paleo lifestyle with ease.  I start with the produce and get all my veggies, head to the meat section for my organic grass-fed meats, on to the free-range organic eggs, and I’m good to good.  I also feel so proud when I look into my cart and see only real foods and nothing from a box or bag.  It’s rewarding.  On the menu this coming week: Pumpkin Spice Chicken Cacciatore and Cabbage Rolls with Tomato and Cranberry Sauce.  Yum!  That’s right, I’m sticking to Paleo for a while.  Maybe not hardcore Whole30, but definitely staying paleo.  I am hoping if I keep up with it, I will get to the Tiger Blood phase soon!  Even though I am not bursting with energy yet, I still have seen many positive changes, more so than anything else I’ve tried, and have a strong feeling that this is what I need to stick with to heal my body.  Stay warm!


Day 27 – Travel Day

Well, today is the day that we are going to travel for the first time on the Whole30.  I packed my meals for the road and packed some snacks as well so that I will not have to rely on fast food or snacks from a gas station on this road trip.

Breakfast – Sweet Potato and diced apple with ghee and Leftover Meatloaf.  I ran out of eggs and did not have time to run to the store, so leftover meatloaf was my morning protein.  Improvising!  🙂

Lunch – Spaghetti Squash with Meatloaf and Walnut Pesto Sauce.  This turned out really good!  I loved the Walnut Pesto sauce.  It adds so much flavor to the spaghetti squash!  Yum!

Dinner (on the road) – Leftover Pumpkin Soup.  I heated the soup and placed it in a Thermos before leaving, so it was warm for me when I was ready to eat it.  It was interesting to eat it in the dark, but that’s all part of the fun.  Plus, we managed to fit all the food into a small hotel mini-fridge.  Winning!  🙂

Day 2 – Oops!

I was ready to eat when I woke up!  Feed Me Seymour!  Breakfast this morning consists of Paleo Pumpkin Chai loaf (no sweeteners, no flour) topped with coconut butter and a few slices of turkey bacon (no nitrates, hormones, etc).


It was delicious…delicious until I found out it is not Whole30 approved.  <cue sad trombone music>  My friend, whom I now think of as my Whole30 Yoda, sent me some links from the Whole30 website, which talks about how you are not supposed to bake any breads, cookies, muffins, etc; even if using approved ingredients.  Also, you cannot have bacon if added sugar is in the ingredients, which my was.  Tricky people!  The nutrition facts show 0 grams of sugar, but the ingredients list it.  They put sugar in bacon?!  Who new?  Well, better to find out sooner rather than later.  Here are those links if anyone wants to read more about this:

Well, can’t dwell in the past, must press onward. 

Lunch – Leftover Pumpkin Soup


Dinner – Apple Pork Chops on a bed of Spinach

I sliced up two apples and put them in the blender, added cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, and blended until it looked like apple sauce.  I poured this in the crock-pot.  I put two frozen bone-in pork chops in the crock-pot.  I diced up two more apples and put those on top of the pork chops and sprinkled with more spices on top.  I left it on high all day, but now realize that was not such a great idea, as the outsides burned…


I usually sear my meat on both sides before I place it in the crock pot, but forgot today.  I think the meat tastes better when you do sear it.  I will remember that next time.  Also, I will leave the crockpot on low so that I can eat more of the yummy apples next time.  Live and learn.  Overall, it was pretty good.  I put it on top of some spinach to get some leafy greens in for the day.  I also realized afterwards that my meal did not have any healthy fats in it, so I ate a spoonful of coconut butter with it. 

Symptoms – today, I felt tired, a little achy, and my energy high from yesterday is gone.  I realize this is part of the detox.  I took it easy and didn’t do anything too strenuous today.  This too shall pass.  I did hide a post on facebook about recipes for cookies so I didn’t have to look at it for too long.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  Right now I hear manager Jimmy Dugan from “A League of Their Own” telling me “It’s supposed to be hard!  If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.  The hard…is what makes it great!”

Well, made some mistakes today, but learned from them as well.  Maybe I need to make this a Whole32 to make up for my boo boos.  Will continue to press forward.  🙂