Day 21 – Temptation

I stayed with my sister today to make sure she was okay.

Breakfast – Finished off the last of the quiche!  Added some coconut flakes and sliced pear to top it off.


Lunch – Leftover Chicken & Kale Stew.  I packed a lunch and brought it with me.  My brother-in-law even asked what I was eating because it smelled so good.  🙂

Dinner – My sister wanted Thai food for dinner.  I called the restaurant and spoke with a very nice person and explained my “food allergies.”  I asked for plain steamed shrimp and veggies with no sugar, butter, oils, or soy sauce.  It turned out good.  I added coconut flakes and coconut aminos to the dish, which gave it some favor.  Yum!  I have to admit, this meal was challenging for me.  I fixed a plate of sweet and sour chicken with an egg roll for my sister, and I would be lying if I told you I was not tempted to look at and smell that.  But, I made it through, and day 21 is in the bag! 




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